The origins of massage therapy, an ancient form of healing touch, can be traced back 5,000 years to China, Egypt and India.  Ancient text speaks of the many medical benefits and the power of human touch applied with the intention to heal.


Even though it has been a respected form of treatment in many cultures throughout history, western medicine requires significant scientific research to prove the claims of health benefits.


Thankfully, there is a growing body of scientific research showing that massage therapy can be an effective treatment for a variety of health conditions.  Recent studies suggest that symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression may be positively affected by massage therapy.  Not only that, more studies show the efficacy of massage therapy for a variety of painful conditions, including low back pain, headaches, osteoarthritis, inflammation, and fibromyalgia.  Additional studies indicate that massage therapy can even BOOST your immune system!


What everyone knows for sure is that massage just plain FEELS GOOD!  And, if you need science to prove that, more studies show therapeutic massage can evoke an over- all sense of well-being and have a positive effect on one’s mood. 


Due to the plethora of recent clinical studies, respect for massage therapy is rapidly increasing.  Doctors and other healthcare providers are now recommending therapeutic massage to their patients more than ever before.  


According to the American Association of Massage Therapy, in July 2013, more than fifty million American adults (16 percent) had discussed massage therapy with their doctors or health care providers in the previous year. Of those 16 percent who discussed massage with their doctor or healthcare provider, 62 percent of their doctors or health care providers strongly recommended massage therapy.


Massage Therapy & Consumers

According to AMTA's 2013 Consumer Survey:


  • 88% of individuals view massage as beneficial to overall health and wellness

  • 88% of individuals believe that massage can be effective in reducing pain

  • 75% of consumers surveyed claim that their primary reason for receiving a massage was medical (43%) or stress (32%) related



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